10 Powerful Daily Affirmations - For Beauty, Confidence and Self Love

10 Powerful Daily Affirmations - For Beauty, Confidence and Self Love

When it comes to most things in life, consistency is key. This is especially true in regard to the way we speak to and about ourselves. If we continuously say positive things and reassure ourselves then we will grow to love ourselves more everyday and exude confidence.

What are daily affirmations? 

Daily affirmations are clear, concise and positive phrases that we repeat daily, whether it be in the morning when we wake up, or in the night time before going to bed. They help overcome negative thoughts and attract our goals into becoming our reality. 

When you repeat these affirmations, be sure to have a clear intention in mind and to truly believe what you are saying.

10 Powerful Daily Affirmations

1. I acknowledge my own self worth, my confidence is searing.

2. I choose to be happy and love all aspects of myself today.

3. My thoughts will become my reality, I deserve to reach my dreams.

4. I am limitless and anything is possible. 

5. Today I will learn and continue to grow into my best self.

6. I love who I am, as well as the person I am becoming.

7. I continue to nourish my mind, body and soul.

8. I accept myself unconditionally, regardless of any flaws.

9. My imperfections are part of what make me unique.

10. I let go of all reasons and excuses for not feeling beautiful.


You are a bad b****! Embrace who you are and how you look.

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