About Us

Shimmer Cosmetics is a Canadian based beauty brand that supports and encourages self-care. With each order purchased, a dollar is put towards mental health. We believe that caring for yourself is important, and so is caring for others. We are working towards building a community of people who recognize the importance of taking a moment to do kind things for yourself and for those around you.

We have a wide range of quality products suitable for all women, from face masks to serums we have you covered.

Shimmer Cosmetics is still a small business although has been growing quickly since 2019. Selling mostly online, select products are also available in beauty supply stores across Canada.

What Does Shimmer Mean?

The definition of the word "Shimmer" means to shine softly, which goes hand in hand with what we encourage at Shimmer Cosmetics. We aspire for the members in our community to be soft to themselves and treat themselves with the gentle care that they deserve, while also shining outwardly with great confidence. To us, Shimmer means to have a balance between softness and strength.

We are working on building a strong community that stands behind this message and will use it to uplift one another.


How Does Your Purchase Support Mental Health?

As previously mentioned on our website, a portion of every purchase goes to supporting mental health, although you may be wondering how. For each order placed we donate a dollar to CMHA.