5 Easy Tips To Get Perfect Lips

5 Easy Tips To Get Perfect Lips

Your lips are one of the most noticeable features on your face, and say a lot about you! It is extremely important to take good care of them and show them the love that they deserve. Here are 5 simple ways to get the luscious lips you desire!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate and… Hydrate some more!

When looking to enhance external features, people often overlook how much your insides really do affect your outsides. Without being hydrated, all other steps you may take will be thrown out the window. Drinking water helps replenish moisture to the lips and reduces dryness. (It also doesn’t hurt to have a little extra water in your system due to all of its other Heath benefits as well. After all, what doesn’t water help with?) In fact go grab yourself a quick glass before you continue to read!

Glass of Water

- Now that you have a little H20 in your system, let’s carry on.

2. Exfoliate for a new beginning!

Exfoliating your lips is a way to remove dry and dead skin, while also restoring softness and elasticity. Removing all the dead skin cells on the surface helps the heathy skin underneath shine through. It also removes imperfections and dark spots overtime. Although exfoliating is great, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Be careful not to over exfoliate. This process should be done once or twice a week, rather than every single day. 

Woman Exfoliating Lips

- You can exfoliate with a tooth brush, brushing your lips gently in circular motions!

 3. Apply your product, and do it again.

Throughout the day your lips face harsh elements such as cold and wind. They can become cracked, dehydrated or just simply dry. It’s important to carry your chapstick or lip product on you wherever you go, in order to reapply it every few hours. The most important times to make sure you apply it is in the morning and before bed so that it can sit and be absorbed into the skin. It is also a good idea to reapply after eating since people often lick their lips (which dries them out) while eating.

Applying lip product

-This step overall is fairly straight forward, but an important one not to forget nonetheless!

4. Get your vitamins - Vitamin E.

Vitamin E boosts circulation and stimulates skin cell renewal, aiding in creating softer lips. It relieves chapped and dry lips. Due to its thick consistency, if you apply it directly to your lips (or products with vitamin E in them) it will help prevent any further damage or irritation. Vitamin E is mostly found in oils, nuts and seeds, as well as fruits and vegetables. 

Vitamin E Oil

- If you’re looking for a quick lip enhancing snack, try almonds or sunflower seeds!

5. Pucker up and try on a Lip Mask!

Lip masks prevent your lips from drying out or cracking and heal your lips along with the area around them. They reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. Lip masks can also be used after exfoliation to enhance fresh skin. When looking for masks to try, find collagen ones that are infused with vitamins for best results!

Girl with lip mask

-Shimmer Cosmetics offers a 5 pack of collagen infused lip masks for 6.99! Perfect for a beauty night in, and enough to share with your friends for a girls day. 

Following all 5 of these rules, you are bound to achieve beautiful lips!

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