Avoid These Food Groups For Glowing Skin - You Are What You Eat!

Avoid These Food Groups For Glowing Skin - You Are What You Eat!

Achieving healthy, clear and glowing skin will always be easier said than done. Through topical treatments, medicated products and intense skin care routines, it can still feel impossible to get rid of acne, and reoccurring blemishes. Although external solutions appear to be easier and more effective, the more longterm and efficient way to solve any skin problem is internally. Pay attention to the foods that you consume, and watch your skin begin to glow.

*This does not mean to feel guilty or deny yourself a good treat every now and then, but to simply be mindful of the things you eat in your day to day diet.

The following is a list and explanation of things to avoid eating every day.

Refined Sugars

When ingesting a large amount of refined sugars, your blood sugar will rise quickly, resulting in a release of insulin within your body. When there is a surplus of insulin in your bloodstream it causes the oil glands to produce more oil than necessary, increasing your chances of having acne and inflamed skin. Sugars also cause cross linking of collagen in skin molecules, meaning that it stiffens the skin while also making it lose its elasticity. 

Candy with refined sugars in a bowl

Foods that contain a lot of refined sugars: sweet beverages & soda, ketchup, pastries & cookies, white bread, energy bars, sports drinks.

Heavily Salted Foods

When too much salt is consumed, it often draws moisture from the skin resulting in extreme dryness which can also lead to cracking and a dull appearance. On the other hand it can also create severe puffiness and swelling. To make up for the extra intake of sodium, your body is likely to hold on to extra water in your system. This is more visible in the face, under eyes, hands and feet. It is important that when you eat salty foods you balance it out with an sufficient amount of water.

Salty foods and chips

Foods that contain a lot of salt: processed meats, cold cuts, microwave meals, chips, canned foods, salted nuts.

Saturated Fats

In limited amounts, saturated fats may have some health benefits, but when over consumed they begin to wear at your skin and create premature aging. Foods that are high in saturated fat cause an excess amount of insulin (similarly to how refined sugars do) and causes a higher chance of acne and wrinkles.

Foods that contain a lot of saturated fats: butter, palm oil, lard, sausages, bacon, cured meats, cheese.


 Drinking alcohol is known for dehydrating your body, along with your skin. Having dry skin means that it is deprived of the proper nutrients and moisture. Alcohol also makes your skin more susceptible to blackheads and whiteheads due to the fact that it dilates your pores. If not managed properly it can go on to causing cystic acne and long term scarring.

Drinking Alcohol negatively affects skin

Alcohols that are the worst for your skin: red wine, margarita, mojito, white wine, gin and tonic.

*For those that are interested in internal solutions while still continuing external skin solutions, consider looking into hydrocolloid patches. These types of patches are very common and lessen swelling, blemishes and acne significantly overnight.

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