A Simple Guide To Self Care - More Than Skin Deep

A Simple Guide To Self Care - More Than Skin Deep

When it comes to self care, most people's first instinct is to think something along the lines of putting on a facemask and taking a bubble bath. As much as this isn't entirely wrong, it still isn't enough to do and call it a day. Self care is more than just the external parts of ourselves. 

Self care can generally be grouped into the following five categories:

Emotional, Mental, Social, Physical, and Spiritual

In the following article you will be presented with a simple understanding of how you can ensure that you are caring for yourself properly in each way. 

1. Emotional

Thinking positively as well as being aware of how you speak and the things that you are focusing on are all ways of boosting emotional health. Artistic outlets such as music, painting, drawing, etc. are things that we can do in order to turn our emotions into something creative that can be shared. This type of health mostly related to keeping yourself happy. 

2. Mental

In order to feel mental stable it is important to reflect and connect with yourself. This can be done through activities such as journaling where you can express yourself freely without fear of judgement, as well as giving you the ability to keep a timeline of your thoughts so that you can revisit things again later.

Journaling for self care

In the following link there are 32 Journaling Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Care.

3. Physical

 Keeping your body in good health is an important way to be on top of physical health. From the things that you eat, to how often you exercise and get your heart pumping are crucial factors. Finding new recipes and finding healthy things to eat can be an adventurous and fun thing to try. Getting a membership to the gym and exercising there can be a good way to get out of the house while also helping your body.

Here is a recipe of a healthier version of Penne Alla Vodka - Just like Bella Hadid's viral pasta. 

 4. Social

Self care in a social aspects involves looking at the relationships in your life. It is important to acknowledge and spend time with those who make you feel good, and equally as important to end toxic relationships while finding a healthy balance between togetherness and alone time. Setting boundaries in relationships whether it be romantic or platonic is essential. 

5. Spiritual

Many people associate the word spiritual with religion, although they are not always related. Taking care of your spiritual self involves doing things that make you feel grounded and nurture your soul. This can consist of mediating and focusing on breathing while paying attention to your thoughts, and can also consist of prayer and things that bring you closer to your faith.


Check out this Youtube channel of Serene Sounds for Meditation and Reflection.


All in all, self-care has several levels to it. Ensuring that you are taking care of all of them means that you are taking care of yourself as a whole. So the next time that you go to do a face mask and relax, grab a journal too!


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